I buy food and ingest it…so tell me what is in it! Test Monsanto?

People own their bodies. Duh. Therefore, we have the right to pretty much do what we please to our body, including what goes into out body. This begs the question: why shouldn’t we demand to know what we ingest? Our body deserves answers!

For those who don’t know, Monsanto produces genetically modified seeds and crop protection chemicals and sell them to farmers.

Why is this a threat to so many people?

Farmers use these chemicals to spray their crops, the same crops that are sold to food industries and stocked in grocery stores. Activist across the world have been busy trying to bring down the giant corporation. A few methods are included below.

  1. Get farmers to stop buying them or destroy genetically modified crops. The problem with this is obvious: it will economically hurt farmers. Blame Monsanto, and the “Monsanto Protection Act,” allows them to easily avoid legitimate legal oppositions.
  2. The rights to have food that is genetically modified labeled will help warn and protect people from consuming these crops. Consumers should at least be given a chance to protect themselves. It should be a simple task to label food items. People have the right to know. If it were not for people buying the food, Monsanto and farmers would be out of business. Other countries have labeled their food that has been genetically modified, including China, who put all types of shit in their food. So, why can’t this be done in the U.S?
  3. Convince FDA to scientific research on the chemicals and seeds Monsanto sell, so more evidence can be presented nationwide. Why should large corporations, such as Monsanto be exempt? If they are confident their chemicals and seeds are harmless to food, then why not have their products tested to prove their challengers wrong?

Personally, I believe all people should have the right to know what is in food before they buy it. I want to know what I’m going to chew and ingest into my body. I posted articles below, concerning Monsanto and genetically modified food.Of course there are many more. I encourage you to investigate and decide for yourself.

What do you think about this? Do you have any articles or evidence to add, against or in support of Monsanto? If so, please post them as well.





Derek, 07/06/2013

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