Professional editor verses writer workshop.

When it comes to editing a novel the first thing an author may do is look for a professional editor, unless they have a literary agent. Then it is taking care of. Or is it. I have heard great feedback from other writers concerning their professional experience with professional editors. I imagine they would do a good job since it is their profession, but can they do it all. Can an editor find all flaws in a story? What if her or his edits are more an opinion of style? In a writing workshop, however, although the work may take longer and be more difficult, an author has the opportunity to obtain a variety of feedback, instead of from one editor. Sure, it may not be professional feedback, but the critiques come from people who are going to perhaps read the author’s work, who do read a lot. And who knows, maybe their are actual editors, publishers, etc…who contribute to the feedback on sites such Scribophile. You save money going this route, but do not get a professional opinion. I’m a graduate student in English and Creative Writing, so toughing it through revision after revision isn’t so bad. But finding time can be, which is another strength of having a professional editor.  What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Professional editor verses writer workshop.

  1. I agree with your thoughts on editors. It’s one person reading and how many other manuscripts are they reading at the same time? I’d rather have a critique group give me feedback on continuity, plot, characterization,etc. They represent the readers and would have more time to give much needed critical feedback. Then after critique group edits, give it to an editor or someone knowledgeable in grammar usage and other technical edits. The more eyes the better.


    • I agree Joan. The more eyes the better. And not only this, but more people means more variety in the critiques, which can lead to finding possible issues that one, two or three people critiquing would not be able to find. I kind of feel that a professional editor would be icing on the cake. Then I would probably be the final editor, as i would have to read back over it.


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