I was reading about the ugly situation in Syria earlier and was considering the repercussions if the U.S government intervened.  They could hamper their relationship with Russia. Moreover, they could create another drawn out war like Iraq and Afghanistan, one in which the American economy is still recovering from. On the other hand, if the U.S government doesn’t intervene in some fashion, the Syrian government may kill more innocent people, and even spread into other countries.  There will always be some civil war happening in the Middle East, and other countries; nothing will stop it. So, it is either a continues battle, or leave it alone. There is not perfect solution either way. Either way people will be hurt.

But what will the U.S government do when chemical weapons and other forms of genocide are done in other countries? (And it happens all the time). Intervening in every conflict, evidently has and will continue to impact the U.S in a bad way.

Politics is not something I like to involve myself with, but I thought it was important to make myself aware of the happenings that may affect the country I live in. Hopefully, a peaceful solution will come out of it.



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