Joyland Review


Stephen King’s Joyland is a moving story about a young man who goes to work at a theme park for his summer break. While there, he develops relationships with people, both locals and coworkers. Soon he learns about unsolved murders that took place, including a brutal murder that took place in one of the primary theme park’s attractions. It is a murder mystery that left me wondering who did it until the end. But it was more than that, it had distinguished and colorful characters that grew on me. The main character is faced with obstacles, and was someone I could relate to. It’s a moving tale of love, trust, mystery and humor.

Stephen King uses first person point of view. His voice did not grow boring. The colorful use of figurative language, choice of words and syntax made the narration flow well and entertaining. I couldn’t help but to get lost in the fictional world as he author created original names for the theme park and surroundings, including the food and drinks.  The naming gave meaning to the objects.

Go, see if you can solve the mystery before the conclusion.

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