Genre jumping

A lot of fiction authors stick with one genre: science fiction, fantasy, romance, literary fiction, etc…But not all. I have been told by publishers, writers and literary agents that it is best for a writer to remain with one genre in order to establish and maintain loyalty with their current target audience. Although maintaining loyalty with an already established readership is obviously wise, why should an author stay writing one genre when she has the ideas to expand and establish an additional audience. I think the key for an author to develop and maintain readership is to write and revise and publish as much, quality, work. The way I see it, if an author who has normally wrote and published, say, dystopian fantasy decides to publish  literary fiction is only creating a different readership, not losing the one she already has. This is if the author can  maintain the readerships in both audiences. If so, then I say why not genre jump.

 The novels that I currently have in revision are science fiction and fantasy. But in the past I have written short stories that were literary fiction, horror, historical fiction and drama. I plan to develop most of them in to novels. Writing short stories and flash fiction helped me obtain a clearer view of the stories and where I wanted to take them.

Write. Enjoy. Revise. Enjoy. Revise. Publish.

3 thoughts on “Genre jumping

  1. I don’t see the harm in try different genres — but may be confusing for your fans, but if they read your bio they should realise it’s a new genre. Honestly, being good at different genres are good, it shows that you’re versatile. It’s a good way to learn how to do different things and work on your description/story telling elements, anyway.


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