Tablets, e-readers and traditional books

There are many discussions concerning publishing electronically verses traditionally (paperback and hardback). But what is easier to read?

Ultimately, I guess this is easiest answered by the individual. I have tried the PC kindle, and shifting my eyes across the widescreen can be distracting. I’m old school when it comes to reading, enjoying the convenience of a nice paper back I can flip through. However, this contradicts my slight favoritism of publishing eBooks (I like the fact publishing electronically reaches, not only a wider audience, but a more diverse audience.) Then there is Amazon’s Create Space, where an author as the option to publish a paperback. Other companies, like Lulu and Smashwords provide the same opportunity.

I think considering what and how people like to read is extremely essential for an author to know before deciding the method of format.  This may be a question of age and convenience more than anything. For instance, since statistics show (some not all stats) that a lot of the readers who buy and read novels on e-readers, tablets, etc…it may be wise to focus publishing YA novels in such a format, and more adult type novels(not necessarily erotica) traditionally, as people over age 40 still prefer.  This, however, does not necessarily prove true, as my grandmother reads both from e-readers and paperback. Though, she might be an exception. I would ask my self, what age group likes to read my genre, and then go from there.

The article below compares statistics of reading electronically verses traditional reading.

One thought on “Tablets, e-readers and traditional books

  1. I’m finding more and more “Older readers” (Sorry Mom) are gravitating toward e-readers. They can adjust font size, and many like the lower price. Personally, I make my books available in both print and e-book.


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