I don’t feel like writing. I don’t want to write.

Success with anything comes when people practice their craft when they least feel like it. Writing requires patience, persevering past the pain as distance runners do the first couple of miles of a marathon, novelists need to push past the doubt of finishing a book, and publishing it. I have faced a lot of downs during my endeavor writing the novels I have now.  Being influenced by other writers and setting a schedule to write and revise has kept me focused. However, the one thing that has helped me with writing is simply not giving up, and erasing that thought from my mind.

When I write a story, I think of it as going on a vacation away from my life to another. I can go anywhere, relive moments and create new ones.

Below is a quote from author Hugh Howey that I found very enlightening.

“The only way to make it as a writer is to learn to write when you least feel like it.

So the next time you don’t feel like writing, view this as an opportunity, not a curse. Here’s a chance to prove you have what it takes. Prove it to yourself. Write anyway.

You can always delete. If you don’t write, there’s nothing you can do with the time you wasted. And nothing you can accomplish by procrastinating is as beneficial as getting words down.

The next time you feel writers’ block coming on, show it you mean business and write your ass off. Pretty soon, it’ll leave you alone.”



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