A good story matters most of all.

A lot of people are focused so much on the rules of writing and nitpicking that they miss out on the story itself, which defeats the purpose. Obviously, major grammatical errors, spelling and typos will be distracting and a good copy edit is needed. But I think so much is placed on books these day that aren’t necessary. Interestingly, a lot of the most successful published authors of yesterday and today break the cardinal rules of writing that is so highly forced on novice writers: show vs. tell, word filtering, head-hopping and info dumping. There is more than one method, one style for creating an exciting and interesting story, and I don’t think breaking these rules will ruin it, as they did not for all of the famous authors’ stories I have read. The main thing to writing an intriguing story is creating a protagonist, or more than one that readers can relate to and care about. When readers can find some relation in a character and understand that character’s obstacles and flaws, and over all goal, then the reader will too focused on the story to nitpick.

2 thoughts on “A good story matters most of all.

  1. I completely agree. A good story is more than following the rules. Sometimes people pick at your personal style and forget that actually, there is room to break certain rules if it works.


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