I’m Not in the Business of Fiction Writing

Writing is not a business to me, it’s an art and something I passion greatly. I don’t write to be famous or rich, though being able to write as a novelist in this life time, full-time, would be nice, a dream come true. However, I write stories because I enjoy it, and I’m going to write till I’m dead, whether I sell a novel or not. Hundreds and thousands of likes is flattering, but they will not write and publish my novels. Marketing–an important part of being an author–is something I consider, but don’t concern myself with, as I focus all the time and energy I can, writing and revising my books. My aim is to write as many good books as I can. The marketing will do itself when I publish…with a hint of luck. I think when this idea sinks in, it’s motivation enough for a novelist, or any artist or anyone as far as it matters. Now time to write!

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