Literature and Art Mirrors Society.


A peer once said, “Divorcing art from society is as impossible as riding a unicorn to work.” I could not agree more. I think art and arts’ relations with society are interwoven. Literature provides the author opportunity to express problems with society, provoking and encouraging culture that holds the ability to making the change. Charles Dickens did it during the Victorian era in England. His characters such as Oliver Twist were the light in the darkness which was crime, poverty and disease suffered by London. Virginia Woolf sparked a movement for women’s rights with her novel A Room of One’s Own. Those are only a few writers who used their talents and experiences for the love of art, as well as for progression, and opposition against oppression. I agree progress would not be possible if art was separated from society. I love art, love writing and reading and observing it, for fun and to educate myself. Art, particularly is a reflection of human behavior in society, because that’s what shapes our world, in my opinion. Even the stories today, young adult, all have hidden messages that reflect society. The Hunger Game’s world is similar to the Victorian England (not really, but a powerful dominion is bullying the people suffering poverty and using them for their games.) So, I think literature and all of art mirrors society.

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