A Hike to Remember.

Vincent Cummings

I woke to a knock on my wooden shelter’s door. It was my ride to the trail head, where I’d begin my first twenty-five mile solo hike along the Benton MacKaye and Appalachian trail.

A big breakfast of eggs, bacon, over buttered toast and juice, and I’m on my way to the start of one of my toughest and strangest adventures I can recall. The lady drove me up a narrow paved road. We ascended till my ears began to pop, and the air grew chillier.  A big bobcat dashed across the road before I could raise my camera to snap a photo. We turned a corner and climbed higher and stopped at a look out point, where a warm orange-red sun rose above the miles of Appalachian Forest. We continued to incline till we were surrounded by clouds and my ears are so plugged up chewing gum couldn’t make…

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One thought on “A Hike to Remember.

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