The Martian: Alone and Making History

The Martian. What can I say? This was a read that once I started had a difficult time putting down. It is smart and creative. Andy Weir surely did his research on NASA technology and the nature of Mars. The protagonist in the book, Mark Watney, has an accident while exploring Mars and is left behind and presumed dead. Using his knowledge and skills with engineering, Mar’s nature and botany, he tries to survive and find some way to communicate with NASA. Two of the themes I notice in this story is how one deals with loneliness and how one struggles to remain hopeful for survival. Also, the story teaches about the importance of food and fluid conservation. Mark has to budget his food, fluids and oxygen in order to survive the long duration required. It makes me think if someone for so long can survive by conserving food and drink on Mars and maintain the right amount of nutrients, how one can also do this on Earth in everyday life. In short, the story makes me appreciate food and fluids more.

I find it interesting how the author uses both first person and third person POV. Mark’s POV is first person and mainly consist of him communicating through a log. His thoughts and ideas quickly draw me to the character’s urgent situation, despair, and loneliness. The author uses third person POV to portray the characters on Earth at NASA who do everything they can to help Mark survive until they can attempt a rescue.

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