With the Wild

Long runs are part of my running regime. They can be brutally boring, which is why I prefer to run them in the wilderness, on trails or not. This way, my mind is distracted from my burning lungs and the voice inside my head reminding me I have more than ten miles remaining. Along my long trail runs, I bring a camera because the day I don’t is the day I miss capturing a unique experience with nature: a Bison standing off with gators, bear’s wrestling, a herd of deers sprinting through the woods, horses trotting along, turtles mating… Below are some images I have taken on runs and hikes. More images of wildlife, nature, and historically discovered remnants at the link.

Did I mention, running helps my story and character ideas surface? The wild accelerates this.


014             017

RSCN0790             RSCN0792

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