Oh How I Love my Nooky

Because of Nooky, I can fit over one hundred books in my pocket. I can read anywhere and just about anytime. Seriously, I brought three bookshelves of books with me the last time I traveled with my Nooky. And another benefit of having a Nooky is that eBooks are dirt cheap and great books exist as eBooks.  I’m talking about the Nook. Like the Kindle, it acts as ground-zero of fiction and nonfiction. I read the New York Times on my Nooky the other day while waiting for the mechanics to repair my brake lights. The Nook or my Nooky is a companion that goes everywhere with me: airplanes, cars, waiting rooms, checkout lanes in the grocery stores…. Red lights where I live can be long, but they don’t feel so long when I have my Nooky with me. If somebody needs to, she/he can study from their Nook or Kindle.

I do enjoy reading paperbacks and hardcovers and building my library, which one day will cover my entire home. My cats will enjoy the additional climbing I’m sure. However, my Nooky can cover two times that library.

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