“The Goldfinch”, My First Audible Book.

It was going to be a long road trip till I reached my destination, where I would lose myself for a few days in the majestic Appalachian Mountains. Unfamliar country roads are boring to a lot of people and even me when I have traveled them so many times. And the interstate….Well, let me just say, listening to the lengthy novel, The Goldfinch, made the trip more exciting than it would have been otherwise.

The characterization in the story portrayed by Donna Tartt captures me the most. Usually it requires me to read a book in third person limited, multi-POV for the characters to grow on me. This is not the case in this story, as each main character is easily distinguished and empathetic. Theo Decker, the protagonist is shown in a realistic sense so that I can clearly see him in his flawed nature and world. Abandoned by his father and longing for his mother, Theo travels through a world of loneliness, despair yet one of friendship and love. His story begins in tragedy during a mysterious bombing. As a result, he loses what he loves and is damaged by this loss throughout the story. Readers are drawn into a dark world with him, one of violence yet one of redemption.  He crosses paths with interesting characters that bring a mix of danger, security, and trust.  Relationships form that forces him to make critical decisions, which shape his life and him as a person.

Characters such as Boris and Hobie are two of the most influential characters on Theo. He takes readers into a world of risks and love. Friendship blossoms but enemies are created. There are a number of main characters I find easy to understand and even relate to; Theo is one of them. Some of the supporting casts, including Boris and Hobie are empathetic with their real life obstacles and flaws. The Goldfinch is a story told through the eyes of a damaged boy and follows him into adulthood.It is a fictional adventure with real life risks and consequences that impact each character.

I did not know for sure how I would relate to the story by listening to the audiobook, as I usually read novels. However, I believe my opinion of the story would be similar if I had read the book as opposed to listening to it, for the narrator’s voice is engaging so that the story and characters are brought to life with metaphoric prose and realistic dialogue that sucks me into Theo’s world and does not let go until the end.

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