Wildness and Civilization, a Reverse Relationship

Society has become more separated from nature over time. It is difficult to find solitude away from civilization. Because of this, wildlife is becoming extinct.  I have experienced the wild firsthand over the past five years, hiking into the woods, climbing mountains, kayaking around and to islands, and kayaking, paddling rivers and swamps… Out there, I feel separated from civilization, and it is then when I realize how much the wild has been lost from society, and I learn more about who I am and where I live. I find myself pretending sometimes in society to make it, to fit in….In the desolate setting that is the wild, I feel primitive and more aware of myself. That said, restoring appreciation of nature and the inhabitants in it is essential. Literature has been a popular source for expressing wildness and nature. In the words of Henry Thoreau, “In Wildness is the presentation of the world.”  In wildness is a demonstration of the world. Society is the other example of this demonstration. However, I do see an importance of civilization and the ever-growing technology. It is important in this world for people to thrive. What I respect more is a fine balance between wildness and civilization.





The more wildness is pushed away with roads and buildings the less wildness there will be. To tear down forests to make buildings for more jobs is not necessary when the forests and other wilderness already offers opportunities for work, taking care of it.  There is much to be used from wildness beyond the water and vegetation it provides.




Sure, there is some nasty and dirty water in rivers, but there are still some of the cleanest water found in springs. But it is up to civilization to help keep them clean.



Respecting our neighbors in the wildness means respecting their home. People complain about animals wandering into their yard and eating from their dumpsters. When their habitat is torn down, where else are they going to go? Placing myself in a black bear’s or some other animal’s position, I see the struggle for survival. When I imagine the flip side of this situation, and people are losing their habitat due to a sudden domination of wilderness, (an apocalyptic scenario) most I believe would be at a loss of what to do. We would rely on the wildness to survive, consuming the animal’s food source and the animals to survive. Imagine sharing an environment with the guy above. It is not necessary if they are left alone in their habitat and we take care of it and ours.

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