Books and Movies Turn Me On.


I have read books with stories and characters I adored and admired. After watching hundreds (maybe more) movies, I still haven’t discovered some of the stories and worlds, which float around in my head. Waiting for them may be impossible. I might die before I ever witness such stories and settings. The more I read and watch stories, love them or not, the more I wonder what the world, stories, and characters in my imagination would be like. Who has not had this thought?

Movies and books turn me on. There, I said it. They activate my imagination. My ideas derive from somewhere far in my brain, but what I do not see and desire to see in books and movies facilitates my thoughts when creating a story. I don’t mean to sound as if I am bored or dissatisfied by the books I read and the movies I watch. They might be some of my most loved stories and themes. Like many people, I believe, there is something I can add and/or take away from a movie or fiction. Fan fiction is a fine example of how writers express their personal interest for the shows, movies, and books they enjoy. They want to branch out in another direction to draft their own stories from their favorite characters, or even their own imagined characters. Another example of fan fiction might be the video game version of “Game of Thrones”, by Telltale games. Though many of the existing characters from the book and the television series exist in the game, the creators of the game invented their characters, who have different worlds with different problems, ultimately creating a story of their own.

There is my world, or my imagination I live in a lot of the time. I am still aware of the reality around me. It is important to keep the imagination consistently working to obtain an open and clear perspective of my self and the world around me. There are little things that stimulate my imagination, such as people-watching and traveling. Then there is watching movies, not necessarily to hone my skills from what I witness from the characters and stories, but to realize what my imagination truly holds and what I can do differently than the movie, or book did not have.

On the other hand, I want my stories to be mine. Some author or director can draft and/or produce my imagination. However, that seems unlikely and it is my responsibility to use my imagination.  In a not so far future, this realistic. Connect to someone’s brain and dig out their ideas. If I had not read certain books and watched certain films that evoked my imagination to take the stage and create my own story, I would not be able to distinguish my imagination from what has been created through somebody else’s imagination.

Time to start creating!

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