Broken Monsters – Book Review


It is the holidays, and I’m in the mood for some scary horror. Looking through suggestions from Stephen King himself, I downloaded Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes on my nook, with anticipation to have the hair on my skin stand up. What happened? Well, the skin stood up, I took a few glances in the dark corners of my bedroom before shutting my eyes, and I could not stop reading. I was engrossed by the suspense and characters.

Broken Monsters is a story that focuses on different characters per chapter, using third person limited. By just a quarter of a way through the story, I care about each of these main characters because they each hold a story. And these stories are realistic, or something a person can relate to: murder, hallucinations, all the tricks the mind can play on a person who can’t sleep, or who suffers from anxiety. Real horror. For example, what person has nightmares while awake? Who has walked alone at night with the feeling of someone walking beside him or her, only to find no one there when he/she looks? One of the characters, Clayton, has.

Then there is the mystery behind the supernatural in this read, and each reader has to explore to learn for him and herself.

“I dream I was a dream of a dream”, is a quote Beukes uses between chapters. It is up to each reader to figure out exactly what the sentence means, and each person may have a different interpretation of it based on her/his dreams and fears.

Are people the broken monsters? Maybe the broken monsters the author is referring to are each person’s inner demons and flaws. On the other hand, perhaps it is a supernatural occurrence that explain these monsters.

You may want to keep the lights on after reading this one.

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