Writing requires for me a number of things, one being to be fearless. I love art. As an inspiring author, I consider myself an artist.  David Bowie was an individual who stood up for individuality. He inspired a lot of people to celebrate themselves instead of being ashamed and afraid to be themselves. I could talk about Bowie in the present tense because his spirit evidently still lives through his lyrics, his fans, friends, and family, and the fearless culture  of individualism expressed today. What was once a minority seems to be growing into a majority, and hopefully it will continue to do so, as Bowie’s and others like him continue to influence people.

His unique, artful, and individual spirit is strong. He teaches fear of being oneself can be conquered by loving oneself. This type of attitude is what partly inspires me to be proud living as who I am, and to write. In my stories, I am thinking of the things that matter to me: resiliency, love, truth, redemption, individualism, cultural competency, nature, and many other themes. Writing a novel was and still is a huge task to me. But whether I realize or not, I am driven by such themes, because I am those themes and I have been witness to those themes in this world: I have loved, and had to be resilient. People around me have had to redeem themselves back to where they wanted to be in life. I have trusted and distrusted others and myself in situations.

I’ve written five manuscripts and have developed the confidence, and most importantly, the desire to write more. This type of endeavor requires for me to step out of my realm, accept I will struggle, and learn to be comfortable with myself, even if I am in a stressful and uncomfortable experience.  I have to embrace I will make mistakes, I will be rejected, and I will struggle. However, there is the Yin and Yang some might say. Despite struggling, I’ll succeed. And being rejected means somewhere and by somebody or somebodies, I will be accepted, or there is no such things as being rejected. Some of the characters I portray in my stories have struggled with these. I feel it is important to have characters reflect people in real life. Stories need to be fun, engrossing, and lessons.

Bowie showed me and others how to embrace loneliness, as he taught people to embrace  cultural differences, sexuality, and embracing the world’s diversity.  And of course, his music kicks ass. I will step out of my comfort zone more often, because this is the only way I’m going to overcome fear and realize my true potential.

I left a video of “Hallo Spaceboy” below. Enjoy!




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