Story Settings are Magical


There are a lot of things that inspire my writing. Places and landscapes entice me to create stories. From the Appalachian Mountains, Atlantic Ocean, Serengeti, Amazon Jungle, Alaska, and many other landscapes, to the details of these places, are motivators for creating fictional worlds. Then there are the abandoned places such as The Wonder House in the image below:

I had a chance to visit this place not so long ago. Sadly, it was merely in ruins. For ages it had been abandoned and forgotten. Recently, a man from Jacksonville, Florida decided to restore it. The beautiful structure, hidden passages inside, and tunnel leading from outside into the mansion are just some of the reasons this place is so intriguing. Hopefully, the new owner renovates this extraordinary place to be even more amazing than it was before it was abandoned. I can imagine the stories that come from the walls; both hidden  obvious.

Looking at the mansion it is indeed a wonder.

I kayaked the Okefenokee Swamp some time ago and ventured to Billy Bowleg island. The ruins, graves, wilderness, and the fossils and mounds left by the Seminole Indians inspired some of my ideas.

In the image on the left above is reminiscence of a logging community that arrived on the island after the Seminoles traveled further south. On the right is the island from a distance. Then there is the island I visited (near Cumberland along the Atlantic coast) where another idea of a story surfaced.


I need to venture out and explore more wilderness and landmarks more often. Where is your story in this image? What inspires you?








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