Death Has No End

Death is one of the hardest things to deal with in life. It is an inevitable part of life. I have had to deal with it and have even pondered how my loved ones would have to deal with my departure. But there is necromancy, of course. Anyone can be brought back to life if they are in good with the necromancer.  Or to some peoples’ belief there is God, or some other form of belief that connects them to their departed loved ones and keeps them from fearing the reaper. Fiction and film provide readers with different ways to cope with death. As a writer, one may deal with dying through their characters. Losing a beloved character can be hard, especially being the author kills her or him.  In fiction, death has a whole new meaning.

Bringing someone back to life through magic provides a wonderful feeling of relief and euphoria. Reading about a favorite and empathetic character raised to the living is equally relieving. Only if people could control their lives through writing.Writing is magic itself, along with the imagination, the magic is endless.  An author may create a character who is the exact opposite of the writer. For instance, consider a writer who is in mourning of a lost loved one. Each day, he or she awakes to the punishment of having lost that person.  But the author’s character(s) is less sensitive and has moved on. This way, the author heals or attempts to heal her or himself through the power of imagination.

There is the belief one’s soul goes to a paradise, a pit surrounded by fire, or that the person’s soul is reincarnated into another breathing creature …Ghosts and zombies are just a few examples of how the dead is used in fiction and film. Again, it is the story surrounding the death theme and the characters that drive the story that make each unique.

I feel writing gives me a chance to live like someone other than myself, to experience emotions or not. A character is someone other than myself yet is a mirror of me and my conscience. My protagonist is someone I admire, someone I despise, someone I want to use to escape how I feel. Dealing with death, I have never thought of using fiction to do such. Sometimes writers don’t realize their themes until later. I didn’t know what themes were until after I wrote my first manuscript. Then accidentally stumbled upon them during editing. Consider a particular novel deals with necromancy. The death and life theme is obvious, but how the characters deal with the death isn’t. In life many people believe God is the magic that resurrects their departed loved ones. Some people rely on other theories.

The theme of death has been done many times in novels and movies, but there is always a different story that surrounds this theme. One of my favorite death-them stories is “A Christmas Carol.” In this example, the dead come to change a man’s life and restore his happiness. In a way the dead save his life. In fiction, death doesn’t have to be an end.


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