I learn from my past experience to make the best of now and the future more promising.  John Dewy said, “The live creature adopts its past; it can make friends with even its stupidities, using them as warnings that increase present wariness… To the being fully alive, the future is not ominous but a promise; it surrounds the present as a halo. It consists of possibilities that are felt as a possession of what is now and here. In life that is truly life, everything overlaps and merges” Dewy mentioned, “A possession of what is now”, as in owning everything a part of that moment before it is gone.

A mind of nothingness is a mind free of worry, free of hesitation, to have thoughts flow like a river. This is how I have perceived it. I have read many zen books, have twisted my body into various yoga poses, and drank like a plump fish to think about nothing. All this work and I still have not found nothing. It is hard to think of nothing, especially when trying to think about nothing.The worry never goes away, because I think concern is a natural component of me as a human being. But worry brings disappointment, pain… These things tell me what I am missing when I am fixating my mind on words negatively. Words seem to be tools people use to identify, categorize, and insult others, but also to compliment and encourage others.

How should people respond to words that are attached to negative meanings? If I knew the answer to this I’d be perfectly happy.Maybe I could invent my reality talk show. When people can’t categorize or understand someone, the easiest thing to do might be to shun him/her.  People are social, a community, but also her or his own individual. Strength is built in  creatures as they progress through and beyond judgement, name calling, ridicule…They learn from the experience and grow as a result.

People are taught certain words are bad, such as quitting, and that certain words such as persistence is good. The use of these words may be more related to a situation someone is dealing with and absent of its textbook definition. Meaning, a matter of individual perspective. Being a persistent smoker is not perceived as good by many people and quitting smoking is perceived as a good achievement by many people. Words are tricky, and are generic when they don’t have some kind of action or behavior to match them. Words such as atheist and religious, liberal and conservative are used to set people against each other. What would the words mean without any human behavior to support them? Even then, do humans’ behavior and choices they make simply place them under a category, or are these no more than words for people to use to easily identify a person?

Words can make things clear when mentally imagined beside other words. If there is no heartache there will be no such things as happiness. People live to die, or some may say, die to live. If there are no lies there will be no truth, and without hate there cannot be  love. So, is the right choice to love hate?

At times I have used Facebook and Twitter not for social strategy and networking, but having it on reminds me how connected I am with the world. Writing has come a long ways with the modern technology, allowing people to express their thoughts on threads, and various forms of social media. This creates a connection not only with their friends and family but the entire world. A person does not need to be with a significant other or married to not be alone. Everyone is one web of complicated species called humans, and love, humor, and intellect are tools to strengthen this web. It would be boring any other way.

I’m riding a large cloud. Clouds separate. When my cloud separates I will drift to more clouds, where I’ll meet more people to ride through blue and dark skies, together.

I believe actions define a person, not their labels, words, and physical appearances. On another note, keeping that bit of childhood, that feeling like nothing else matters but the moment, gossiping with another person, saying little words and doing things, brings a magical feeling.

Thank you hater(s) for giving me the motivation to succeed. Because of you, I know there must be a lover(s).

Happiness is the people I meet in my life, the people who listen, the people I listen to and learn from, and the ones who unconditionally accept me, with no attachments. People judge, hold and compare others to their life experiences, and assume others don’t have the right to issues unless they share their issues. Every creature is capable of emotions, and they have freedom of emotions.I have seen tears in a dog’s eyes, the downcast expression across a cat’s when it is sad, and how silent and withdrawn friends and family become when life becomes a struggle.  Also, I have seen my pets smile and play to show they are happy. I have lost people close to me and have had failures that saddened and darkened my outlook. With these experiences, people are connected in  way.

It makes no sense to pick a fist fight with a non-fighter and someone whose mission in life is to spread more love and peace in a world that is saturated with hate and violence. It makes no sense to try to force someone to agree with people when she/he can use his or her intellect to do so. Because of peoples’ high level of ego, they feel as others must be exactly like them, think like them, dress like them, agree with everything they do and say, listen to them, but not have an opinion or feeling of her/his own. I have thought this way, but try not to measure others to myself. Instead, I accept I cannot completely compare to others and others cannot completely compare to me. I use this as a lesson to learn about others and myself. The world would be a bore if everyone were the same.

Happiness can be found when responding naturally to everyday events. Sometimes I understand people and this world, other days I am bewildered by it all. If I wasn’t confused and full of flaws then I could never learn.


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