Life is Immortality

“Once you’re alive, you can’t ever be dead” ~ Tim O’Brien.

I think O’Brien -author of The Things They Carried – is alluding to how life exist beyond the body, in the heart, soul, and mind. The body is temporary, but life is infinite through the people who were touched by the mind and soulfulness the person who’s body is gone.  Beyond the body, one’s life can live through peoples’ memories, emotions, laughter, knowledge…I think this philosophy on life existing beyond the body infinitely is important to consider in life, because it can help one to see more in others than just what is evident, and can provide a healthy perspective on life in general, since the human condition can be a scary, tough thing.

People are born into a world of suffering. So it is important people have each other through the process of life. Things get better, then worse, then better….People lose those they admire and love, and vice versa. When I see other people happy, it makes me happy. And when people see me happy, even though it may be a little forced, I hope I can make them happy, nonetheless. This is what keeps the life in everyone immortal. It can’t be touched, seen, heard, smelled, but it can be felt.

Life is a broad term. I have always thought of life being limited to the body, and it is; one kind of life is. But once a person has lived, inspired, communicated, loved, worked, wrote, acted, played, her/his life lives on. Life is kind of like love; it drifts around from one person to the other, from one place to the other, invisible, but felt in the heart.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day,

Derek (Vincent)




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