Hiking the Flatlands

Most of my hiking and backpacking has been in the Smokey and Blue Ridge Mountains, because they are simply beautiful. However, I have made it a goal to explore more of the Florida trails, and other flatlands. Maybe I will wait until fall and winter, as summer in Florida is just painful to do lengthy outdoor activities. Below are some pictures I captured along the Citrus Loop trail, which is located central Florida and includes some of the Florida Trail.  So many ideas surfaced while enduring forty miles over a two-day weekend; one being why did I decide to do this power hike on such a dry trail? I have no regrets! And I was joined by great company and encouragement.

The journey started with a sunset.

A fresh start and patience -Peace settles over a misty lake as a fisherman waits for fish to bite.

The small light matters.

Trees bring out the imagination. A tree is looking at me. Nature or a hiker’s artwork. I hope nature, save for the orange blaze.

The burned wastelands – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Into the unknown and a look from earth’s core – some of the dry caves along the hike.

Different adventures bring different experiences. Maybe another idea for a story will come of this adventure.



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