I Love Savannah, Georgia

Recently I ventured through Historic Downtown Savannah, Georgia for the second time in my life, enjoying its nightlife, historical architect, and culture with some good people.


18275207_10155355793558760_6264006602311966179_n (2)

The house where Midnight in the garden of Good and Evil was filmed. There has also been reported hauntings here. Very common in Savannah. 


18341826_10155355792313760_8787539448355408786_n (2)

The Pink House is another famous location in Savannah that has had reported hauntings of women being locked in the bathroom by a spirit. Can’t say I didn’t give you warning ladies!



18318970_10155355792908760_8465460398707248528_o (2)

Wait…is Doctor Who here!?



Colonial Park Cemetery has graves dating back to the mid-1700s. I slept in an apartment across the road.


DSCN2125 - Copy

Out back of the apartment where I slumbered. 


Cargo Ship at River Street. Too long to capture with one photo.


18341826_10155355792463760_3066168225707835321_n (2)

Hi, stranger. 


18301953_10155355795088760_5694080268594390445_n (2)


18342650_10155355793193760_2903207315886485861_n (2)

School of Art.

Abercorn Street includes many colonial mansions and homes, along with hauntingly famous 432 Abercorn house.

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