Hug the World, the World will Hug Back.

Awkward as it may be, I will hug this world a long time, squeeze it tighter than it could ever imagine, and the hugs will return in the septillions – love, tolerance, and understanding.

This world needs more hugging, needs to be hugged-up. A universal hug seems far away, like trying to hug someone in a dream who keeps drifting further away as one tries to reach and wrap her/his arms around the person. Just stay the hug still for a moment so a hugging can happen. It will be worth it. All will benefit from it.

Hilton Als, in the essay, Lonesome Cowboy, finding dimension in quiet gestures, mentions, “The thing seemingly freely given often isn’t. It is rare to receive the gift of love, for instance, from someone who doesn’t want to be celebrated for their generosity in having offered it”~Hilton Als

Why is it so difficult to hug the world? Maybe one is waiting on the world to hug first and not sure if the world will be accepting and opened. If the world is hugged up consistently then the world will hug back, eventually. Tolerate the world and the world will return the tolerance, or does this happen the other way. Anyways, this sounds like a nice idea.

the world needs Heart

Like yin and yang, two opposite things/ideas interconnect and exist with each other; this is the same for the world and the “ego” or “individual.” One’s actions reflects the world. The more hugs giving, and more often, the world will react, as the brain overtime reacts more often to an activity practiced in repetition. Train the brain to do something it is not use to comprehending, cognitive function takes over, and keep at it….If one wants to perform a handstand, one will keep practicing and falling until the person can stay up for a second, then two seconds, until one day he’s doing handstand push ups, or at least, doing the handstands longer. Perhaps his friends are inspired to do handstands with him, or at least proud of his handstands and applaud him.

Image result for Theawkwardyeti love

The world is flawed, and others are flawed. Knowing and accepting this makes me give a hug about the world. Viewing the world becomes like looking in a mirror- I find similarities, and empathy is created. Giving a hug can be as difficult as hugging a cactus…Hmmm.

Image result for hugging a cactus

Image result for the awkward yeti hugging

Agree to disagree so the saying goes. How does it feel to hug a world that disagrees? A world that does not hug back? How it feels not to hug one who disagrees may be obvious,but exploring the unknown and hugging those who do not agree would be interesting. For example, a liberal and a conservative hugging is a beautiful thing.

Image result for Theawkwardyeti love

Helping the world can in return help the individual. Starting by giving a hug about the world, in return, can make the hugging easier for the individual and world.

A Hundreds Hugs Giving.

More of Hilton Als writing can be found at the New Yorker:

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