The Thesis Statement.


The thesis statement is intimidating…at least at first. No, it is still intimidating, but can be a great ally. I want to shed some light on writing the thesis statement and some methods that helped me in understanding what this tool is all about.

The thesis statement is different depending on the type of essay. It entails your claim/main idea combined with the key points you use to support your claim; you do not need to write out each entire key point, but mention what they are. This way your reader knows the claim you are making from your chosen article, journal, book, etc. along with the main reasoning you will back it up with. Below is an example of a thesis statement.

  • People should limit their consumption of beef and pork because it is high in saturated fat (claim) which can lead to an increase in bad cholesterol(LDL), increase the risk for heart disease, and lead to becoming overweight.(three supporting key points)

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A thesis statement directs you and the reader through the whole essay. It includes your main claim and the supporting ideas you use as topics in your body paragraphs to support your claim as I mentioned above.  One way to develop your thesis statement is to use the Reverse Outline(reading your essay backwards basically), which I will shed more light on in a separate post, as it is has earned its own space. One strategy that has helped me in developing my thesis statement is to go through each body paragraph to find the main point in them, then place these in my thesis statement along with the main idea/claim. However, I compare each key point with what my main idea is to see if they match; if the key point is irrelevant to the main idea then I omit it for coherency purposes. Each key point should build on the thesis statement. I include another example of a thesis statement below:

  • To promote environmental awareness, people should hike in the wilderness, since this will help them to learn about water cycles, become creative with recyclables, and understand wildlife better.
  • Where is the claim and the supporting key points in the thesis statement above?

Please follow the link to the resource below for more information and examples on writing a thesis statement.

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