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Belated International Women’s Day!

I meant to have this posted on International Women’s Day, but editing and work prolonged it. Why can’t this holiday be recognized and celebrated every day? The first hero would be my mother. She helped raise me, despite challenges, and she loved me unconditionally. I have learned to appreciate all she did for me even […]
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Adventure Reflection: Cracker Lake Trail

Over the summer of 2017, I had the opportunity to explore Glacier National Park. I also ran a half-marathon with friends, hiked to exhaustion, met new friends, discovered different trails, photographed marmots, a brown bear, mountain goats, and chipmunks, experienced great views and scenery, met Native Americans from the Blackfeet tribe, left with a buffalo […]
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Appreciation of Solitude: A Solution to Hate and Violence.

What would happen to the hatred and violence in this world if everyone experienced solitude? How could solitude create a world of peace? Suddenly, one day each person awakens alone in her/his own world. Everyone is still there but cannot see each other; each person sees her or his imagined world. Maybe individuals are so used to […]
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Book Review: Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology

The closest knowledge I had about Norse mythology before reading Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology was from the TV show Vikings and the hero Thor in The Avengers and Thor movies.  The portrayal of the various gods and goddesses provides each significance and makes her/him stand out among the diverse family of heroes and heroines. Some of these gods and goddesses are […]
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Save the Sacred Land

The hum of traffic, the smell of exhaust fumes, sights of infrastructure, all fade away. My mood enhances and time slows as I enter the wilderness.  Nature and wildlife are things I admire and that inspire me. When out in nature, my senses open up – I smell the flora and fauna, and the earth, […]
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White Teeth – Side-Story – Millat

My response to the book White Teeth Zadie Smith recently includes imagining up a side story based on one of the characters for an advanced writing workshop. I’ve always found writing fan fiction and side stories great practice to writing fiction. The few previous times I have performed this task, the two works turned into […]
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Dare to Write

There are many books to read on how to be a writer, what process to take to be a writer, and many of these provide an excellent foundation to becoming an adept writer and help writers grow. Being a writer requires taking risks. Dillard’s  “The Writing Life” is one I found interesting. Many of her […]
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I Love Savannah, Georgia

Recently I ventured through Historic Downtown Savannah, Georgia for the second time in my life, enjoying its nightlife, historical architect, and culture with some good people.             Colonial Park Cemetery has graves dating back to the mid-1700s. I slept in an apartment across the road.     Cargo Ship at […]
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Hiking the Flatlands

Most of my hiking and backpacking has been in the Smokey and Blue Ridge Mountains, because they are simply beautiful. However, I have made it a goal to explore more of the Florida trails, and other flatlands. Maybe I will wait until fall and winter, as summer in Florida is just painful to do lengthy […]
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Be You

Because an abundant amount of words aren’t always necessary. Don’t be ashamed, or hide. Be you. It is different when I tell you this than when you try to convince yourself. I can’t, nor anyone else, persuade you that your flaw, whatever it may be, is what makes you intriguing, unique, and beautiful.