Vincent Cummings

A Puerto Rico Adventure: Part 1

Adventure is an essential part of my life and a lifestyle, and something I have done to escape the dependence and chaos from society and city-life. It brings harmony to my life. Like eating and sleeping, discovering and exploring new places and culture is necessary for me to broaden my intellect and perspective of the […]
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Life is Immortality

“Once you’re alive, you can’t ever be dead” ~ Tim O’Brien. I think O’Brien -author of The Things They Carried – is alluding to how life exist beyond the body, in the heart, soul, and mind. The body is temporary, but life is infinite through the people who were touched by the mind and soulfulness the person […]
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Moons, I see Moons!

  I love photography; my camera allows me to zoom in and capture an idea of how beautiful the moon is, but witnessing each moon in person is always superior to seeing it in an image. Below are some shots I took of the moon in October -the corn moon.  

The Risk of Trusting and The Strength of Forgiving.

  What’s worse than being betrayed is being betrayed without explanation, and by people who one trusted. To trust fully in people, then to be betrayed by these people feels like The Black Death.What’s most important for this individual is to forgive. A common saying goes, “For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of […]
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To Be an Explorer, or How To Be an Explorer.

“Every morning when we wake up, we have twenty-four brand-new hours to live. What a precious gift!” – Thich Nhat Hanh That is twenty-four brand-new hours to explore new concepts, things, people, ideas, myself… I always wanted to be an explorer – go to outer space and discover new planets and lifeforms, wander some uncharted […]
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Florida Journey.

My first name is really ‘Derek’, but I use my middle name Vincent’ for my writing. Below, I write an experience using my first name and third person point of view. *** Derek and Hal paddled through the narrow canal under the bald cypress and oak trees with moss, like long wizard beards hanging from […]
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Kayaking Juniper Run

I love being outdoors in nature. Hiking and kayaking are two of my favorite activities. With community booming, buildings going up and roads being built is sometimes difficult to find a pristine wilderness, where one can have solitude with nature and wildlife. But the opportunity exist, and there is actually much wilderness to be explored; […]
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Adam Phillips: “An affinity for solitude is comparable only to one’s affinity for certain other people.” In reality, many endure solitude, and some even choose it. Loneliness can be more prevalent around others than isolated from society. Or is solitude really loneliness? People aren’t ever truly alone – whether hiking deep in a wilderness with […]
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Culturally Empathic

To understand the emotions and experiences of people outside my culture, I must venture out of my circle and comfort zone to actually explore other cultures. If I can’t travel to other countries and continents to experience other cultures, I need only to open a book and read and/or watch a film. But diverse culture is all around me. […]
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Impulsive Responses Agitate Fire

I think everyone deals with opposition some point in his or her life. This includes dealing with difficult people (to be nice). What is the best way to deal with difficult people or a difficult person? For example, how does one go about dealing with people they know are being bias or jerks to him or […]
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