Vincent Cummings


I like watching movies as I do reading books that affect me, because I learn about other people through the portrayal of characters and their stories. Emotionally, people respond to fiction, as they see the characters, story, and the fictional world as something they have experienced in the real world. Also, I watch and read […]
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Nature Talks

When I go back through the photos I have taken over the years, I see more than the picture.      

The Evolution of the Human Condition During War

It has been a while since I watched Full Metal Jacket. The first time it was for entertainment, and for the second time it was probably for entertainment. I did not pay much attention to the character development and their personalities, or how one character, Private Joker, evolves throughout the film from enduring an intense […]
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Life: No One Gets Out Alive

It is guaranteed that no one gets out of life alive. This is motivation to fight for happiness, to inspire people and oneself, and to help others live healthy and happily everyday. People are guaranteed pain, to be hurt, to lose their loved ones, and for their loved ones to lose them. Everyone will die, unless […]
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Nature in Words and Pictures.

  Of course each moment spent in nature cannot be experienced through photos and words, but an idea of the beauty and therapy gained form nature can be shared. Below are some photos from a hike last November.     Trees form paths, reach with curved, bumpy limbs- Diversity.    

A Puerto Rico Adventure: Part 1

Adventure is an essential part of my life and a lifestyle, and something I have done to escape the dependence and chaos from society and city-life. It brings harmony to my life. Like eating and sleeping, discovering and exploring new places and culture is necessary for me to broaden my intellect and perspective of the […]
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Life is Immortality

“Once you’re alive, you can’t ever be dead” ~ Tim O’Brien. I think O’Brien -author of The Things They Carried – is alluding to how life exist beyond the body, in the heart, soul, and mind. The body is temporary, but life is infinite through the people who were touched by the mind and soulfulness the person […]
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Moons, I see Moons!

  I love photography; my camera allows me to zoom in and capture an idea of how beautiful the moon is, but witnessing each moon in person is always superior to seeing it in an image. Below are some shots I took of the moon in October -the corn moon.  

The Risk of Trusting and The Strength of Forgiving.

  What’s worse than being betrayed is being betrayed without explanation, and by people who one trusted. To trust fully in people, then to be betrayed by these people feels like The Black Death.What’s most important for this individual is to forgive. A common saying goes, “For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of […]
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To Be an Explorer, or How To Be an Explorer.

“Every morning when we wake up, we have twenty-four brand-new hours to live. What a precious gift!” – Thich Nhat Hanh That is twenty-four brand-new hours to explore new concepts, things, people, ideas, myself… I always wanted to be an explorer – go to outer space and discover new planets and lifeforms, wander some uncharted […]
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