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Keep up the Good Fight.

It is essential people to stay informed and fight for social rights everyday – fighting bigotry, discrimination, and oppression; this is the only way for society to grow and not remain stagnant and even more divided. I care because people who are close to me have to face bigotry daily, and individuals shouldn’t be treated […]
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Hug the World, the World will Hug Back.

Awkward as it may be, I will hug this world a long time, squeeze it tighter than it could ever imagine, and the hugs will return in the septillions – love, tolerance, and understanding. This world needs more hugging, needs to be hugged-up. A universal hug seems far away, like trying to hug someone in […]
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Appreciation of Solitude: A Solution to Hate and Violence.

What would happen to the hatred and violence in this world if everyone experienced solitude? How could solitude create a world of peace? Suddenly, one day each person awakens alone in her/his own world. Everyone is still there but cannot see each other; each person sees her or his imagined world. Maybe individuals are so used to […]
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Be You

Because an abundant amount of words aren’t always necessary. Don’t be ashamed, or hide. Be you. It is different when I tell you this than when you try to convince yourself. I can’t, nor anyone else, persuade you that your flaw, whatever it may be, is what makes you intriguing, unique, and beautiful.


I like watching movies as I do reading books that affect me, because I learn about other people through the portrayal of characters and their stories. Emotionally, people respond to fiction, as they see the characters, story, and the fictional world as something they have experienced in the real world. Also, I watch and read […]
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The Evolution of the Human Condition During War

It has been a while since I watched Full Metal Jacket. The first time it was for entertainment, and for the second time it was probably for entertainment. I did not pay much attention to the character development and their personalities, or how one character, Private Joker, evolves throughout the film from enduring an intense […]
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Adam Phillips: “An affinity for solitude is comparable only to one’s affinity for certain other people.” In reality, many endure solitude, and some even choose it. Loneliness can be more prevalent around others than isolated from society. Or is solitude really loneliness? People aren’t ever truly alone – whether hiking deep in a wilderness with […]
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I learn from my past experience to make the best of now and the future more promising.  John Dewy said, “The live creature adopts its past; it can make friends with even its stupidities, using them as warnings that increase present wariness… To the being fully alive, the future is not ominous but a promise; it […]
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Books and Movies Turn Me On.

  I have read books with stories and characters I adored and admired. After watching hundreds (maybe more) movies, I still haven’t discovered some of the stories and worlds, which float around in my head. Waiting for them may be impossible. I might die before I ever witness such stories and settings. The more I […]
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What Fiction Teaches People about War and Refugees.

Videos show a glimpse of what it is like for people trapped in war zones, but no one knows what it is like for these individuals except these individuals. Though it is not a complete understanding of what it is these people experience, characters in fiction, who are portrayed in war zones, can provide readers […]
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