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I like watching movies as I do reading books that affect me, because I learn about other people through the portrayal of characters and their stories. Emotionally, people respond to fiction, as they see the characters, story, and the fictional world as something they have experienced in the real world. Also, I watch and read […]
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Nature Talks

When I go back through the photos I have taken over the years, I see more than the picture.      

Life: No One Gets Out Alive

It is guaranteed that no one gets out of life alive. This is motivation to fight for happiness, to inspire people and oneself, and to help others live healthy and happily everyday. People are guaranteed pain, to be hurt, to lose their loved ones, and for their loved ones to lose them. Everyone will die, unless […]
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Trail of the Bison

I hiked roughly a mile along a trail at Payne’s Prairie when I knew it would be a special day in the wild. Everyone was, but this would be the day I’d see a bison in its home habitat. It was a warm morning and I started to sweat.I  First it was the two large, […]
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Wildness and Civilization, a Reverse Relationship

Society has become more separated from nature over time. It is difficult to find solitude away from civilization. Because of this, wildlife is becoming extinct.  I have experienced the wild firsthand over the past five years, hiking into the woods, climbing mountains, kayaking around and to islands, and kayaking, paddling rivers and swamps… Out there, […]
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The Keys Adventure: Iguana World