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White Teeth – Side-Story – Millat

My response to the book White Teeth Zadie Smith recently includes imagining up a side story based on one of the characters for an advanced writing workshop. I’ve always found writing fan fiction and side stories great practice to writing fiction. The few previous times I have performed this task, the two works turned into […]
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Novel process for progress

I’ve made a lot of progress this week with two novels, editing one and writing the first draft of another (25,330 words in two weeks). As much as I rely on Microsoft Word to catch my typos and grammatical errors, I can’t get in to my writing rhythm because I’m the type that has to […]
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Professional editor verses writer workshop.

When it comes to editing a novel the first thing an author may do is look for a professional editor, unless they have a literary agent. Then it is taking care of. Or is it. I have heard great feedback from other writers concerning their professional experience with professional editors. I imagine they would do […]
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