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White Teeth – Side-Story – Millat

My response to the book White Teeth Zadie Smith recently includes imagining up a side story based on one of the characters for an advanced writing workshop. I’ve always found writing fan fiction and side stories great practice to writing fiction. The few previous times I have performed this task, the two works turned into […]
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Death Has No End

Death is one of the hardest things to deal with in life. It is an inevitable part of life. I have had to deal with it and have even pondered how my loved ones would have to deal with my departure. But there is necromancy, of course. Anyone can be brought back to life if […]
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Word Modifiers: Friends and Foes?

Word modifiers are easy to use since people use them in everyday conversation. When I am going back through my rough drafts, I find my paper sprinkled with “just” and the “ly” adverbs.These are only (see what I did?)  a few examples.  I am not completely (oops) against using word modifiers, just (hmm) not all the […]
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