About Derek (Vincent)

Styling and profiling

Vincent Cummings lives in South Georgia with his two cats. He decided to use his wild imagination to write novels, short stories and poetry. Writing fiction, allows him to travel to any world, and create any character. To hone his skills as a writer and further develop his knowledge in literature, he entered the Masters program in English at Southern New Hampshire University. Since he cannot teleport, he is performing his studies all online. For more than six years Vincent has tutored students in English, helping them with their reading comprehension and writing mechanics. When he is not doing homework, working or writing Vincent likes to read, sleep, play games and socialize with friends. Additionally, he enjoys exploring the outdoors: hiking and kayaking. He aims to investigate uncharted territory one day, for real, or in a fictional world. For exercise, he runs, does yoga and performs resistance training. Currently, he is revising a novel, which will be the first volume in a science fiction, romance series. He has several more projects in line.

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